I was asked the other day who my favorite female country artist was, and I had to give it a little thought. There are some great female artists, Reba, Carrie Underwood, Barbara Mandrell but one of my favorites has to be Faith Hill.

Faith Hill came on the country scene just a little before I began my radio career. Her first album was released in 1993, I began in 1995. I've always been a fan but it was her song and video for 'Piece of My Heart' that really hooked me. The song was a remake of Janis Joplin's 1968 hit which was a remake of the original by Erma Franklin in 1967.

Although Piece of My Heart was the song that turned me into a Faith Hill fan, her list of hits like This Kiss, It Matters to Me, Take Me As I Am, Breathe, Wild One and more are what kept me a fan. I think she's beautiful, smart, and talented.

I remember when she stepped in a the last minute for an incredible Oscar's performance. She sang 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' with only 2 rehearsals. Whitney Houston was to perform but flaked out at the last minute so Faith stepped in and did an incredible job.

I would love to see her perform live but have never had the chance. I've seen her husband Tim but never Faith. However, you actually have the chance to see them both. They currently have a residency in Las Vegas at the Venetian. I can't enter but you can; just click here!

Piece of My Heart