Easter is coming up this Sunday and I have been thinking a lot about my grandparents. Both of my grandmothers would have us over for Easter dinner and then out hunting Easter eggs. Since they have both passed on I have now taken up carrying on the tradition.

This year we plan on having the family over for brisket, grandma's mac & cheese, hot rolls and pecan pie. However, we don't have any small children in my family, only a 13 year old but that doesn't mean we aren't going to have an Easter egg hunt.

My grandma used to take plastic eggs and put trinkets in them; gum, erasers, mini candy bars and even $1-$20 bills. We didn't get rich though, there was only one $5,$10 & $20 bill between 3 of us hunting them and they were very well hidden. Then on the boiled eggs she would tape nickles, dimes and quarters. She and my mom and aunt would hide them all around the house, inside and out, for us to find. We had so much fun and then could go buy our 'Easter' present of choice with the money we found.

So this year I will do the same and send the boy (and the dog) out Easter egg hunting. Whatever the dog collects we will take her to PetSmart and she can pick out her own toy!

If you have a special Easter tradition share it with us in the comments below.