Last night after eating supper I was cruising the web when I happened across an article/video that caught my attention. It was talking about America's obsession with the hamburger. The reason I found this interesting is because I had just finished a eating a burger off the grill; my 3rd in 4 days.

The weather has been so nice that we've been grilling and eating out by the pool. I think we are obsessed with hamburgers just as the headline stated. I personally have changed up my burger just a little each time too with the exception that I like my bun toasted with a little butter on it.

We've got about 4 different kinds of cheese; pepper jack, mozzarella, American and Swiss. I have used a different combination of those each time. I've also added green chilies once or twice. Sometimes I like mustard, sometimes mayo but never ketchup (I save that for the fries). I like lettuce and tomato but no pickles. I don't like hot pickles and that's what you get when you put them on the burger! Unfortunately I don't have any pics of my burger as I read this article AFTER I had eaten my burger.

If you think about it though we are obsessed with the burger. There are numerous burger restaurants specifically and you will generally find a burger on any menu in any restaurant. We eat burgers at picnics, ball games, charity events, school functions and well just because we want one. In New York you can even buy a $300 burger, if that's not obsession I don't know what is.

Check out in this short video from FOX News just how many burger varieties they have on the table. What's your favorite way to fix a burger?