You how you can hear a song and think you know exactly what they are saying then you find out you've been singing it all wrong. Well I did that the first time I heard 'Whatever It Is' by the Zac Brown Band.'She's got one them idiots' is what I thought they were saying. I was trying for 2 days to figure out what it meant. Then I realized I was the 'idiot'! The actual lyrics are 'She's got whatever it is'....hence the title of the song.

I do have to say that is one of my favorites from the band but I also like 'Toes' and 'Chicken Fried'. They have such a fun groove; you can sing-a-long and get into a happy mood. I've never seen them in concert but I'm guessing it's a blast.

Hey you could see them in concert though. Not only will you see Zac Brown but also Willie Nelson, Kenny Chesney, Eli Young Band and many more. It's the Southern Ground Music & Food Festival in Nashville, TN. coming up in September and you could win a 3 day trip to check it out.

Now that I have you singing the song in your head trying to figure out what I 'heard' as opposed to what the lyrics really are here is the video for 'Whatever It Is'.