Shooter Jennings is back to work after a short hiatus from a brief honeymoon. Shooter will begin touring this fall. The tour kicks off on Friday, Sept. 27th in Indiana. Jennings is touring to support his latest album "The Other Life". When Shooter came out with "The Other Life", he decided to give his fans something extra special. In addition to the music, Shooter released a couple short films (of the same title) to accompany the album and the single.

Shooter Jennings Fall 2013 Tour Schedule

9/27 Bloomington, Ind.
10/3 Lincoln, Neb.
10/4 Denver, Colo.
10/5 Kansas City, Mo.
10/9 Little Rock, Ark.
10/10 Birmingham, Ala.
10/11 Atlanta, Ga.
10/20 Live Oak, Fla.

"The Other Life" short film was written by producer/director Blake Judd, Shooter Jennings and Shooters friend R.D. Hall. The short film has a real dark feel to it as it explores self-discovery, temptation, isolation and rebirth, and serves as a visual piece to compliment the album.

Jennings said "We released the first segment in March, and today (7/12/2013) our friends at Penthouse Magazine were kind enough to premiere "The Other Life" Part 2-“A Hard Lesson to Learn.” Don’t miss Shooter’s upcoming Penthouse interview in the October issue.

Source: Shooter


 The Other Life Short Film Pt.1

The Other Life Pt 2 - A Hard Lesson to Learn

Shooter Jennings - The Other Life Film Trailer 1

Shooter Jennings - The Other Life