According to USA Today, ESPN, and several other news sources, the NFL Pro Bowl might be getting the axe.  This doesn’t surprise me much considering the lack of effort that these players have shown in recent years.  But, should the NFL get rid of the Pro Bowl? NFL commish, Roger Goodell,  and many fans, including myself, expressed their disappointment in the lackluster performances from both the AFC and NFC teams in last year’s game. Goodell has said that he is all for scrapping the event altogether.

In last year’s Pro Bowl, won by the AFC 59-41, players were seen not going all out and practically laying down so that they would not get hurt.  There just doesn’t seem to be any heart from either team anymore.  I mean, win or lose, they got paid,  so why risk hurting themselves for the sake of entertainment, right?

If the Pro Bowl does get the axe, the NFL will still hold Pro Bowl voting to honor the top players, but I don’t think that will matter too much anymore as far as the fans are concerned.

What do you think?