One of several reasons I have trouble getting into soccer is that when a player is knocked to the ground, they tend to flail around as if they were picked off by a sniper. What irritates me so much about the sport is what made this marriage proposal work so perfectly.

Fabi - a coach at Fresno Pacific University - joined the women's soccer team scrimmage. His girlfriend, Sara, is on the team. In the midst of making as clever soccer move, Fabi crumbles to the ground and screams like a Belieber as he grasps his knee. He continues the act as his visibly upset girlfriend comes to console him. Then, much like with most soccer injuries, Fabi is magically healed, rolls over and produces a ring. Check it out (bear with the bad audio at the beginning, it's not your computer).

Well played, Fabi. Well played. Just remember, the next time you're injured, Sara might not be so quick to be concerned and upset.