As I was reading my current issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife I ran across a new sport that is gaining in popularity and is not just for the beach. It’s called stand up paddle boarding or SUP. It seems this is becoming the fastest growing part of paddling sports. It’s great exercise as much as it is fun.

For those who don’t know, paddleboarding is done on what looks like a surf board, there are various styles and sizes but beginners are encouraged to go with the big board. You put on your life vest and grab a T-grip paddle, that’s all it takes. Well that and some balancing skills.

This is becoming a huge cross training exercise for athletes and yoga enthusiasts are doing classes on the boards in the water as well. Due to the great balance, this is a great core workout and many yoga instructors have taken their classes to the water for this reason.

The boards and paddles don’t come cheap, so I would advise finding a place where you can rent and actually take lessons. Apparently this is harder than it looks! But it sounds like a great workout and a lot of fun.

The closest classes I can find to our area are given in the Austin area. All ages are welcome, even your dog can go! Check out the SUPatx website for more details.