As a musician you spend a lot of time on the road and you pray everytime you head out that nothing bad happens. Sometimes it does though and TJ Broscroff and his band saw that happen yesterday when their truck and trailer were hit by a semi-truck. Thankfully everyone is fine.

The rain slick roads yesterday were the cause of quite a few wrecks and TJ Broscroff and his band were leaving Corpus Christi headed for Ft. Worth when they were involved in a multi car accident on I-35 near Waco/Elm Mott. The guys had slowed down for a wreck ahead of them where a lady had lost control of her car and hit a barrier. The semi-truck behind them did not slow down and slammed into their truck and trailer carrying all of their band equipment.

T J and band member, Jim "Haystack" Novak, were taken to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center for minor injuries and released. The other band members, Andrew Raley and Tom Pottorff were treated at the scene for minor scrapes and bruises.

Thankfully none of the guys were seriously hurt. Although from the looks of the trailer their equipment might not have been so lucky. Things can be replaced though, people can't. Our thoughts are with the guys and we are happy it wasn't worse.

TJ is currently in the studio working on a new album of music called THE BREAK, on BGM Records with producer Bill Green.

For more information please see TJ's Facebook or website.