Abilene Businesses That Are Gone But Not Forgotten
Over the years, Abilenians have seen some great local businesses come and go. Many who have lived in the Key City for a long time can point out the old buildings and locations, and quickly identify what business used to operate from those spots. Here is our list of places that have closed down, but …
Rudy Goes in Search of a Traffic Jam in Abilene Texas
Every time I'm driving and I get into any kind of traffic, the James Taylor (JT) song "Traffic Jam" starts running through my head. So I went out during rush hour to find a 'traffic jam' in Abilene and video how bad my situation is. I'll warn you now, I may lose it on a few drivers so watc…
BBQ Restaurants in Abilene
Here in Texas, we take pride in having some of the best BBQ on the planet. No exception in Abilene as we have a plethora of amazing BBQ restaurants to get your grub on. Here's a look at all of the BBQ restaurants in Abilene.