Kitten Gets Scared by Lizard and Freaks Out
Kittens are naturally curious little animals. This one just happens to be sharing a home with 2 lizards. He stalks one lizard playing with it's tail while the second lizard just watches. Lizard 2 then makes his move!
Rare 18-Foot Oarfish Found By Snorkeler Off Catalina Island
A fascinating discovery was made recently when an 18-foot sea creature/serpent was found off of Catalina Island. The serpent is known as an oarfish and is rarely ever seen. A snorkeler found the fish Sunday in the waters of Toyon Bay. The fish was dead, believed of natural causes, when found and dru…
Kitten Rescued From Crow Attack Makes Miraculous Recovery
I ran across the cutest photos the other day and then read the story and it made them just that much sweeter. The photos are of a kitten who had been attacked by a crow and was injured so badly it needed a feeding tube. That proved to be a challenge so it's caretaker found someone to crochet an…
Vegetarian Whitetail Deer Eats Injured Bird [VIDEO]
Okay, as an avid deer hunter I know that all the deer I've ever watched in the wild eat a wide variety of foods, including acorns, corn, clover, apples and wood branches. However watching a vegetarian whitetail deer eat an injured bird had me scratching my head.