Watch These 10 Amazing Hacks That Make Parenting Easier
Why couldn't these videos have been around when I was raising my eight kids? Back then all I had was Parenting Magazine. The first part of this video, actually used to happen to me with my rug-rats all the time (squeezing the juice boxes). Simply telling the kids to "hold the juice box…
97 Year Old Grandpa Schools Rudy on How to Change a Tractor Tire
Over the Easter holiday weekend I spent some time with family. In fact, my wife Donna, our little girl Angie and I all went to Donna's grandma and grandpa Allison's house for Easter Sunday dinner. Over the course of the meal grandpa tells me that he has been working on his tractor and asked if I cou…
How Many Grandparents Are Tweeting and Facebooking?
If your grandmother has recently friended you on Facebook or followed you on Twitter, you’re not alone.
The website recently conducted a survey in which it asked people over 60 about their social media habits. It yielded some interesting results.