memorial day

The Best Patriotic Country Songs
Holiday's like Memorial Day, July 4th, Veterans Day bring about great patriotic songs; some of which are forgotten until the holiday. Here are a few of songs that will get you into that patriotic mode.
8 Great Summer Vacation Movies [VIDEOS]
While summer doesn't officially start until June 21, Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning to the hottest season at the movies.
Summer loses some of its meaning when you're an adult, since it no longer comes with a moths-long break from the grind.
Nevertheless, we can all still enjoy a…
Memorial Day Music Festival Fundraiser [VIDEO]
Jacob Reicheneker is the beneficiary of this awesome Memorial Day Music Festival. Jacob made news in West Texas when he was injured in a four-wheeler accident and was paralyzed and needs a special wheel-chair lift van to be able to start putting his life back to some form of normalcy. I want to help…
10 Extreme BBQ Aprons for Memorial Day Weekend
In honor of Memorial Day, and all the barbecuing that will take place during the three-day weekend, we've compiled a gallery of handmade aprons from craft site Etsy that are sure to let everyone know who's boss of the grill.
- Contributed by Jeremy Taylor