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Rudy’s Favorite Ray Price Songs
With the passing of the legendary Ray Price, my thoughts go back to when I first heard a Ray Price song. It was at a school dance in 1975, the song came on and this was my chance to slow dance with a girl I had a crush on. I remember holding her and slowly swaying side to side to the silky smooth vo…
Ray Price Dead at 87
Country Music Hall of Famer Ray Price has died. The singer succumbed to complications from pancreatic cancer at his home in Mt. Pleasant, Texas on Monday (Dec. 16), four days after issuing a goodbye letter to his fans and entering home hospice.
Ray Price Readmitted to Hospital
Country icon Ray Price, who made headlines earlier this year over a public tiff with Blake Shelton due to comments the latter made about country music's elder statesmen and classic artists, referring to them as "old farts," has been readmitted to the hospital. The singer has b…
Ray Price’s Cancer Is in Remission
Legendary country star Ray Price has been battling pancreatic cancer, but there's good news for the veteran entertainer. The 87-year-old singer has announced that his cancer is in remission, and he will be undergoing physical therapy as the next phase of his treatment.