Nothing puts me in the Christmas spirit faster than Tchaikovsky’s music from the Nutcracker ballet, in fact, the Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy puts me in the mischievous mood wanting to peek at the packages under the tree. I shared this little fact with a friend in New England who in return sent me this awesome version of the song. Most importantly its played on a bunch of high dollar cognac and wine glasses, and the sound is incredible.

How these two know what wine or brandy glass to rub their wet fingers on is beyond me, I just know that the sound is unbelievable and partly because of the hall they preformed in. How can you not sound this good playing at Chiostro della Basilica di Santo Stefano, during the June 2010 Chamber Music Festival in Bologna, Italy.

The video shows two performers known as “Glass Duo” from Poland performing at the Festival di Santo Stefano XXII edizione.