Kyle Park is riding high these days. He just received his first #1 hit with the single 'The Night is Young' and is currently in the top 20 with his latest single 'True Love'. Both of these songs can be found on Kyle's fourth studio album 'Beggin' For More' which will be released next Tuesday, March 19th. On this current album Kyle not only was a vocalist but also filled the shoes of a producer and songwriter as well. Kyle either wrote or co-wrote 12 of the 13 tracks on the new album. The self produced album mixes it up a bit too. There is, of course traditional country, but there is also a little U2-style guitar (as Kyle puts it).

Kyle is getting noticed by some major acts too. Gary Allan, Randy Rogers Band and Eli Young Band have all had Kyle open their shows. He's no stranger to hard work as he plays almost 200 shows a year; that's a lot of time spent on the road. He's become a great entertainer selling out shows everywhere. This can only mean that we will be seeing and hearing more of Kyle in the years to come.

Track Listing from 'Beggin' for More'

1. The Night Is Young (Kyle Park, Thom Shepherd)
2. Beggin’ For More (Kyle Park, George Ducas)
3. You Make Me Believe (Kyle Park, Cody Johnson)
4. True Love (Kyle Park)
5. Long Distance Relationship (Kyle Park)
6. Ain’t No Woman of Mine (Kyle Park, Cody Johnson, Jesse Raub Jr)
7. Tagged (Kyle Park, Thom Shepherd)
8. Live Through The Pain (Kyle Park)
9. He Got You (Ralph Murphy, Bobby Wood)
10. Turn That Crown Upside Down (Kyle Park, Josh Abbott, Rich O’Toole)
11. Like Nobody Will (Kyle Park)
12. Fit For The King (Kyle Park)
13. Bad Timing (Kyle Park)

Kyle Park--'The Night is Young' Lyric Video