Unsurprisingly, Abilene, Texas didn't make Guyism's list of the best cities for single men in America, but, 4 other Texas cities did. So, if you're a single dude that isn't having much luck, especially with the ladies, take a look at this list of the best cities for single men in America.

When putting together the list, several factors were considered including lifestyle, cost of living, job prospects, and, of course, single women.

Of the top 50 states on the list, Texas has 4 cities including Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas/Ft. Worth, who, according to City Data, are part of the top 20 largest cities in the entire United States.

Here's a closer look at the 4 Texas cities that made the list.

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio offers everything that a single dude would want. You have one heck of a nightlife, rich culture, amazing scenery, good economy, and of course, lots of girls. You will not ever find yourself bored in this town. Trust me, just visit the Riverwalk in San Antonio, and you'll fall in love with this place.

Houston, Texas

The fourth largest city in America, and largest in the Lone Start State, offers very rich culture as well as strong possibilities to make money. The city offers great adult nightlife along with amazing coastal scenery and rich culture.  And, with well over 2 million people, it is the fastest growing city in the United States. Remember, more people, mean more single women.

Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas

Even though Dallas and Fort Worth are two separate cities that are 60 miles apart, the two are forever linked together as 'DFW' or 'Metroplex'. Both cities share DFW International Airport, so traveling long distances would never be an issue. As far as job seeking, Dallas offers more professional type jobs, while Forth Worth offers more manufacturing and distribution opportunities. You can't go wrong socially with either city, as both offer plenty of nightlife hotspots for live music, comedy clubs, bars and more. And, guess what? There are lots of girls there.

Austin Texas

The city of Austin is just hip and cool. It has everything you'll ever want in a city regardless if you're single or even attached to someone. With the University of Texas, you'll never run out of college girls to date. Plus, the seemingly endless jobs means you'll have plenty of money to go out often with said girls, and explore one of the best music scenes in the world.

Take a look at the list, which, in my opinion, has a few surprises on it.

Best Cities for Single Men in America

50. Tulsa, Oklahoma
49. Cincinnati, Ohio
48. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
47. Grand Rapids, Michigan
46. Columbus, Ohio
45. Detroit, Michigan
44. Salt Lake City, Utah
43. Madison, Wisconsin
42. San Joes, California
41. Charlottesville, Virginia
40. Omaha, Nebraska
39. San Antonio, Texas
38. Hartford, Connecticut
37. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
36. Nashville, Tennessee
35. Ithaca, New York
34. Orlando, Florida
33. Birmingham, Alabama
32. Indianapolis, Indiana
31. Tampa, Florida
30. St. Louis, Missouri
29. Gainesville, Florida
28. Dayton, Ohio
27. Memphis, Tennessee
26. Charlotte, North Carolina
25. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
24. Houston, Texas
23. Honolulu, Hawaii
22. Richmond, Virginia
21. Atlanta, Georgia
20. Burlington, Vermont
19. Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
18. Los Angeles, California
17. New Orleans, Louisiana
16. San Diego, California
15. Raleigh, North Carolina
14. Portland, Oregon
13. Las Vegas, Nevada
12. Baltimore, Maryland
11. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
10. San Francisco, California
9. Miami, Florida
8. Chicago, Illinois
7. Seattle, Washington
6. Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
5. Boston, Massachusetts
4. Denver, Colorado
3. Austin, Texas
2. Washington D.C.
1. New York, New York

What surprises me the most about this list, is Las Vegas is only 13th best city. Seriously? 'Sin City' didn't even crack the top 10? You would think that the city is the ultimate city to live in if you're a single dude.

Also, I would think San Antonio, Texas would be a little higher. Speaking of which, notice Denver, Colorado is in the top 4? Coincidence?

What city do you think is the best one for single men?