Hardcore Texas music fans know all about Ray Wylie Hubbard and his contribution to the music scene, both as a singer/songwriter and a producer of great young talent. But outside the southwestern United States, knowledge of his legendary status is more underground than mainstream. That's why it's all the more cool that Hubbard has been asked to play 'The Late Show with David Letterman' on January 9th.

Is it too early to set my TiVo?

What makes the invitation to perform on national television even cooler ('Cooler n Hell', if you will) is that Hubbard's appearance comes with a request from Letterman himself. According to Ray Wylie's Facebook page, posting:

"DAVID LETTERMAN SHOW JAN. 9 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Letterman himself requested Ray play Mother Blues :)"

'Mother Blues' is an autobiographical song off Ray's latest CD, 'The Grifter's Hymnal', his 16th studio album. Here's Ray Wylie Hubbard performing the song live:

I've always thought it was cool when famous people look beyond the mainstream to find music to enjoy. Now I have new found respect for Letterman, as he clearly has left the beaten path and found musical excellence!