I got a page from the front desk to come up front because I had a couple of guests waiting. And what an awesome surprise, the Bellamy Boys, Jesse and Noah were standing in my lobby. They were passing through and wanted to leave me with a copy of their latest CD "Landfall". We started reminicing over the old days when they were growing up and we listened casually to the album. I was promised a return visit and the next time they said, they'll bring the entire band and come play live in Abilene.

All the while the CD is playing quietly in the background as I was picking up on several things like the first released single and the second when I just remarked "I love your harmonies" these two boys are a natural. I think they've got a sound that country music is needing today. They are as natural as their dad, David and uncle Howard Bellamy. I also realized these boys have more "music industry" experience than anybody in the business today

Their CD is awesome and as I said the vocals are tight. I really wish them luck on the road.

Although they're raised on the ranch in Florida, neither boy had aspirations of being a rancher. Jesse relates, “We converted an old hay barn into a studio, that’s where we rehearsed and eventually began recording our first demos.” It didn’t hurt that their father, David Bellamy, of the Bellamy Brothers was there along the way encouraging and fostering their talents not to mention donating the old recording equipment from their dads old studio.

source: Jesse and Noah Bellamy Press Bio