Abuelo's Chips, Red Sauce and the Extra Spicy Inferno Hot Sauce

Rudy Fernandez
Did you know that chips and salsa are the official state snack of Texas? It was proclaimed such back in 2003. Chips and salsa are perfect for any occasion, and below are my top 5 from Abilene.
Chili's, Salsa, Chili Con Queso and Fire Grilled Corn Guacamole

Rudy Fernandez

Chili's Grill & Bar


At Chili's Grill and Bar, you'll discover chips that are light and crispy. In fact these are my favorite chips. As for their salsa, it's mild with a great flavor. However, Chili's offers a couple of other great compliments to the chips. Shay Hill's favorite is the Chili Con Queso. Super Dave really likes the standard chips and salsa with a tall draft beer. I prefer their famous Fire Roasted Corn Guacamole. J.R., one of the managers, says, “the chips are fried in a light vegetable oil and they are made several times a day, there are times when our guests will get the chips and salsas within minutes of cooking”. While Chili's may be known for their ribs, their chips and salsa have become an Abilene favorite.
Abuelo's Chips, Red Salsa and the Extra Spicy Inferno-Hot Salsa

Rudy Fernandez

Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy


In my opinion, Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy has the best salsa, in both the red salsa and the 'Inferno-Hot' salsa. Abuelo's does not skimp on flavor on their salsas. Now please be warned, the 'Inferno-Hot' salsa was so hot I found myself applying Blistex on my lips just to try and find relief for the burning. This is probably why the server recommended a frozen swirl Margarita to accompany the Inferno-Hot salsa. According to the assistant manager Melissa, she says “all of Abuelo's chips and salsas are made fresh daily and some days we make it several times a day because of the sheer volume of guests”. Abuelo's has been voted the best Mexican food restaurant in Abilene by the readers of the Abilene Reporter News.
Ta Molly's Mexican Restaurants Chips and Salsa

Rudy Fernandez

Ta Molly's Mexican Restaurant


Ta Molly's Mexican Restaurant features a thicker tortilla chip, one that is reminiscent of a tostada corn tortilla. Their salsa was mild enough that anyone who cannot tolerate spicy foods will enjoy it. The salsa is full of flavor and the chips taste and feel like my mother used to make in her old cast-iron skillet. Ta Molly's manager Tyler says “it all depends on how busy we are, sometimes we have to make chips and sauce every shift”. Tyler told me that some days they can go through 40 gallons of salsa in a day. Ta Molly's chips are fried in pure light vegetable oil with no salt or additives. Their chips and salsa go great with a good Mexican beer.
Los Arcos Chips and Salsa

Rudy Fernandez

Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant


Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant is a family owned business that opened 15 years ago with passed down family recipes. Manuel Castro told me that all his recipes are made with “only fresh all natural ingredients” and that he and two other cooks prepare the chips and salsa every morning before they open and sometimes in the afternoon depending on their lunch run. About the salsa, Manuel said that he only uses fresh garlic and cilantro, not powder and dry flakes, “that is what makes my salsa better tasting than all the others in Abilene” Castro said. The chips are only fried in all natural vegetable oils because many of his customers that work at the near by hospital are vegans. Los Arcos salsa is what I consider a medium hot and best enjoyed with an ice cold Tecate' and lime.
Oscar's Chips and Hot Salsa

Rudy Fernandez

Oscar's Mexican Restaurant and Lounge


Oscars Mexican Restaurant and Lounge is another great place for chips and salsa, but be aware that if you eat all your chips and salsa the second batch will cost you. Oscar's fries his chips in vegetable oil, both chips and salsa are made daily. Oscar's also offers the 'Picoso' a green hot sauce he said was hotter, but the day I was there the 'Picoso' did not live up to it's name. In my opinion Oscar's salsa is outstanding, it's full of flavor and it's got a bite. If you don't like spicy the red salsa is not for you, I recommend you try the green 'Picoso' salsa it goes good with milk. On the other hand chips and salsa are perfect when sitting in Oscar's Lounge with a tall frosted mug of your favorite beer.