This week we’ve seen a new Chick-Fil-A open on the north side of Abilene. And soon, there will be a new option for breakfast and lunch dining coming to the south side later this month. The Flipping Egg will officially open its doors on July 20th on South Danville, just north of Buffalo Gap Road between Dentures Plus and the FedEx Office store.

Restaurant owner Tammy Reese tells me that The Flipping Egg, which will mainly feature egg dishes and a selection of other breakfast items, has been in the works since last October. The main challenge to getting the doors open for business has been reconstructing the former office building into a more restaurant-friendly floor plan. Walls have been taken down, a kitchen has been installed, and a bathroom was even taken from the unoccupied business space on the north side of the restaurant. All that remains at this point is the clean up of a conference room and some minor cosmetic touches.

The temporary sign outside boasts gluten-free menu options. Anyone who is on a gluten-free diet knows that it’s not always easy to find this at a restaurant without having to make special requests.

The Flipping Egg will be closed Mondays, and open Tuesday through Thursday from 7am-2pm, and Friday through Sunday from 6am-2:30pm.

The restaurant looks great, and when all the pictures are hung and the remaining construction mess is out of the way, this is going to be a really cute diner. There’s an obvious setback, however, for The Flipping Egg customers, and that’s finding a place to park. With a capacity of nearly 100 inside, it looks as though there are about 2 dozen parking spots to fight over, or you can expect to walk for your breakfast. Reese tells me there is a possibility that more parking will be made available behind the building soon. Until then, it looks like Flipping Egg fans will need to squeeze into the parking that’s available.

While The Flipping Egg is not officially open until July 20th, customers are already coming in to enjoy breakfast. Call it a “sneak preview” if you want, but if you want to go enjoy a 3 egg omelette, understand that the restaurant’s atmosphere is still a work in progress. The official website and Facebook page are also under construction for now.

Here’s a look inside and outside The Flipping Egg.