Kyle Park, like many other Texas country artists, owes a debt of gratitude to George Strait for paving the path to success and inspiring several of today's stars. While he jokingly told me in a recent interview that he would marry George if he could, Kyle found a very special - and more fitting - way to honor Strait with his latest single and video, 'Fit for the King'.

Not only is the title a tribute to the man known as "King George", but the song is filled with Strait's most popular song titles in the lyrics. With 60 #1 hits, Kyle Park had a lot of material to work with. And it works very well. It's as smooth and cleverly put together as a George Strait song.

The video for 'Fit for the King' starts off with some amateur audio/video of Park covering the Strait hit 'Love Without End, Amen', then rolls into his song. The rest of the video flows back and forth between a live Kyle Park concert and George Strait video footage, including concert footage, shots of backstage passes, old 45 records and other memorabilia. This is the perfect tribute to a true legend. Check it out here.

Kyle Park - 'Fit for the King' Video