I recently saw the trailer for a new movie called The Purge: Anarchy, apparently this is a sequel due out July 18th, and it really asks an interesting question. If you could, legally, commit a crime of any kind, would you do it? I did not see the first movie The Purge, which was released last year but this is a very intriguing premise. You are given the chance to commit any crime you wish, including murder, legally within a 12 hour period. No recourse; it's a free pass. The government shuts down all emergency systems and it's basically a free for all; kill or be killed.

This is a way the government keeps unemployment low, crime rates the rest of the year down and the nation as a whole is good. Just one night a year, you are free to help Purge the nation and release pent up aggression and frustrations, however you see fit. You can do it for revenge or just for fun.

Now, what would you do? Would you have it in you do beat someone up, steal, or even kill someone; just because it's legal and their is no recourse against you?

Watch The Purge: Anarchy Trailer

My question is this...who thinks this stuff up? And for the record, NO, I would not do this ever!