Every once in a while, somebody stumbles across a great concept, and I'm left to wonder "Why didn't I think of that?" Now we can add 'The Something Store' to the long list of things I didn't think of.

The concept of 'The Something Store' is vague, simple, a little off the wall and brilliant at the same time:  You send them 10 bucks, and they'll send you something.That something could be anything in The Something Store's inventory, boxed and sent to you or whoever you want to receive something. They promise whatever you receive will be worth more than $10, or they'll refund the difference, but the rest is a complete mystery.

I've bought great unique gifts on Etsy and other sites like it before, and they're great. But The Something Store takes "unique" to a whole new, out of the ordinary level. And anybody who knows me, knows I enjoy the out of the ordinary. And to me, this is the perfect remedy to the stressful gift-giving process that I put myself through every time I need to buy a present for a friend or family member.

But being skeptical about businesses is a thing I do well. So, I figured I'll send something to myself first. Here's what happened:

Dave's Something from The Something Store Arrives!