The Spring of 2007 was the year for a young American Idol winner by the name of Carrie Underwood. Carrie held on to the No.1 spot of the national charts for several weeks. Her song "Wasted" appealed to many here in West Texas, because they could identify with the songs message. The Spring of 2007 also had other amazing songs like it.

Check out the top 5 songs from the Spring of 2007

Carrie Underwood - "Wasted"

Kenny Chesney - "Beer In Mexico"

Trace Adkins - "Ladies Love County Boys"

Tim McGraw - "Last Dollar"

Cost of Living 2007

Here are some interesting cost of living facts from 2007

  • Average Cost of new house $313,600.00
  • Average Income per year $50,823.00
  • Price Of Gold Per Ounce $630.00
  • Cost of a gallon of Gas $3.38