If you're lucky enough to get to stay home with the kids on a snow day, your kids could get some serious cabin fever if you're not prepared for the extra day off. Here's a look at some ways to remedy the situation with things to do with the kids on a snow day. 

  • Teach The Kids To Cook Or Bake

    If they have not already learned how to cook or bake something, having a snow day might be the perfect opportunity to teach them. Whether it's something simple like a grilled-cheese sandwich, or something a bit more challenging like spaghetti, cooking or baking is definitely a life lesson your kids will need to help make them more independent. Here are a few simple and fun recipe ideas to get you started below.

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  • Watch A Movie

    Pop some popcorn, make a little hot chocolate and throw on a good family movie. At my house, we have Suddenlink video on demand, so it's easy to get a movie whether it's an old classic or a new release. My wife hates the fact that I have all of these "default movies" (listed below) that I make everybody watch. Hey, their classics! Whether it's a classic movie or a new one, spend some time with the family and enjoy the day with a movie.

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  • Play Games

    These days, kids have a variety of electronic entertainment from the Nintendo DS and iPods, to game consoles and even just their cell phones. If you want them to "unplug" a little bit, break out some old school Monopoly, Candyland or simply play cards. Heck, teach them how to play Texas Hold 'em and maybe one day they'll make it big in Vegas and take care of you for the rest of your life. Whether it's making up a game, playing a classic board game or throwing down on some Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, play some games with the kiddos. Win or lose, the kiddos will cherish the time you spent with them.

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  • Play In The Snow

    Duh. It goes without saying that the kids want to play in the snow. Go out and play with them. Build a cool snowman, have a snowball fight or make snow angels. Just make sure they are bundled up tight, as well as yourself, and go outside and have a blast. One cool game you can do is an 'Ice Cube Scavenger Hunt'. Basically, it's like an Easter egg hunt but you use ice cubes. Just take food coloring and freeze the cubes with whatever color you want, hide them, and let the kids go nuts. You can also make snow ice cream. Just use clean snow, of course, put in a little sugar, milk, maybe some food coloring and you can put vanilla extract to make vanilla snow ice cream. I like to put peppermints and grind them up and mix with the snow. Again, make sure the snow is not dirty.

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  • Decorate or Redecorate

    Whether it's the Holiday season, or just simply rearranging a room, you can get together with the kids and re-decorate.The kids will dig the time you spend with them. One of my daughters likes to change her room around every few months, for some reason, and usually that means I'm moving shelves, furniture, etc. But, it's something to do with the kid and they'll make you do it anyway in a few months so you might as well do it now.

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