I get a lot of music sent to me and around Christmas time the amount of music seems to increase with all the added Christmas tunes. I try really hard to listen to everything that comes in my office, so when I got this song entitled 'When It's Christmas Time In Texas' I had to do a double take and ask my co-workers "is it me or is this the worst Christmas song you've ever heard?" Thank God my co-workers agreed. Please give it a listen and tell me what your thoughts are (by the way I had to listened to it several times).

I'll admit I'm no 'Simon Cowell,' but I can at least tell you the difference between a smash hit and in my opinion a dud. Don't expect to hear this song on the radio anytime soon or to see the singer or songwriter accepting any awards from the Grammy's. Now turn up the speakers on your computer and get ready to drive your co-workers nuts like I did by playing it over and over again.

This is 'When It's Christmas Time In Texas'