Tim McGraw is never at a loss for things to do. The father of three is husband to superstar Faith Hill and, by the way, a music career and wrapping up a tour of his own. Plenty on his plate, right? Not if you ask Tim. So, why not throw in another movie role?

McGraw will begin shooting in September for a movie, although we're not certain which one. He only told ABC News, "It's going to be a busy winter. I don't know if it's a surprising role, but it's gonna be a great film."

According to Nashville Gab the project the country megastar would be the leading man in is called 'Five Good Years'. It's a movie about a Kentucky coal miner who is makes the decision to step into the boxing ring to save his critically ill mother (rumored to be Melanie Griffith). The problem with this rumor is, the film began shooting in 2010. So it remains unclear if McGraw will be working on that movie, or he's working on a different project altogether.

For fans and critics alike, it won't make a difference what movie he's in. McGraw has proven his acting talents in 'The Blind Side' and 'Country Strong', so expect Tim to put in a solid performance in whatever role he takes on.

As if that isn't enough, McGraw also brought up the possibility that once his schedule frees up, he'd be interested in putting his acting talents to work on a TV show, or even Broadway. But don't hold your breath for Tim's schedule to lighten. That dude is always busy.

One thing McGraw mentioned he was no longer interested in - or at least is far off in the distance - is running for political office. He half-jokingly tells ABC News about his earlier interest, "I think I was drinking", and "I didn't want to take the pay cut".