How would you like a small car, only 10 ft long, for $3000? That would be nice if it met all of the US safety standards, but as it stands this little car will triple in price by the time it gets to the states.

The Nano was actually built for the Indian market because of it's small size it is able to compete with scooters and motorcycles, a huge form of transport in India. However, it does not come, as is, with power steering, traction control or airbags and runs on a 37 hp two-cylinder engine.

Once those features are added for the US market the price will be around $10,000. That's still cheaper than the current Smart car which runs about $12,500 starting price. However, the Nano is a 4 door, 4 passenger car where as the Smart car is 2 door 2 passenger.

Check out the video test drive of the car. Do you think you would buy one of these?