2011 was a big year for all of us, including our website. Below are the Top 10 most visited pages from this past year.

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    Preacher Dennis Swanberg Makes Them Laugh

    Dennis Swanberg is a little different when it comes to “being a preacher”. Swanberg uses funny stories to keep the congregation interested in his sermon.

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    A Talking Dog? Yep, a Talking Dog

    Rudy stumbled upon a really creative video of someone overdubbing some hilarious "responses" from a dog as it converses with its owner.

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    Ronnie Dunn's Solo Debut

    You know "Dunn" from Brooks and Dunn. Well, Ronnie Dunn has gone solo and this story is all about his new self titled album that came out in mid 2011.

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    Geico Commercial Featuring Foghorn Leghorn

    Geico Insurance have always had really funny and creative commercials. But, this one, featuring Foghorn Leghorn, takes the cake.

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    14 Year Old Rhythmic Gymnast Makes it Look Easy

    Rhythmic gymnastics is a technical sport that combines rhythmic movements with an additional apparatus like balls, hoops, clubs, ribbons. The gymnastic movements, of variable levels of difficulty, are connected in fluid sequences to form a perfectly executed routine with the music that accompanies it. This 14 year old gymnast makes it look seamless and flawless.

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    Taste of Country Counts Down the Top 100 Drinking Songs

    Even if you’re drinking alone, you’ll never be lonely with a good drinking song at your side. Taste of Country recently counted down their pick of the Top 100 drinking songs in country music — and whether your drink of choice be whiskey or beer, or your preference be the Dixie Chicks over Toby Keith, this list has it all.

    Rick Diamond / Bryan Bedder, Getty Images
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    Tim McGraw is Sued by His Record Label

    Simply put, this is a story that Rudy wrote about Curb Records suing country star Tim McGraw.

    Rick Diamond/Getty Images
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    Rudy's Top 5 Safety Tips During Hot Weather

    Anyone that has spent any amount of time during the summer here in Abilene knows that it gets downright hot. Well, in this article, Rudy runs down some safety tips for dealing with the heat.

    Bob Levey/Getty Images
  • 9

    Colt Ford Slings the Mud

    This post is about Colt Ford, new country star, hosting a new show on The Outdoor Channel called "Mudslingers".

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    Brad Paisley's 5 Best Country Duets

    Brad Paisley has played with the likes of Don Henley, Marty Stuart, and Carrie Underwood so we decided to compile a list of our favorite Brad Paisley duets.

    Larry Busacca, Getty Images for Country Music Hall of Fame