This is my top five countdown of the greatest country Christmas songs of all time. Coming in at #3 is Dolly Parton, who debuted their single 'Christmas In Dixie' originally in 1982. The song peaked at #8 on the Billboard charts. The song was later re-released in 1988 and only made it to #73 on Billboards 'Hot 100' chart.

'Hard Candy Christmas' was originally featured in the movie 'The Best Little Whore House In Texas'.  Although at the time of it's original release, it was not considered a "Christmas song" but Parton's recording received so much airplay around Christmas in the '80s and '90s and Dolly's performance of the song on Bob Hope's Christmas Special in 1988, it catapulted the song the top of the country Christmas charts. 'Hard candy Christmas' is not only a main staple of the country Christmas genre but is now played on pop and rock stations.

Each day, I'll reveal another song in this countdown, so check in daily to see if your favorite country Christmas song makes the Top 5 for 2012.

Photo by Robert Mora/Getty Images