I asked my coworkers, what games were their favorites they played as elementary school aged children. I was reminded of so many different school house games like tag, red light green light, mother may I, dodge-ball, kickball or my old time favorite, the rough and tumble 'king of the hill'. Here's the list I compiled as the top 5 games you loved most while in grade school. See what you think.

  • 1

    Tag You're It!

    In this game it was 'run for your life and don't be it'

    Tag transcends all languages and generations it's fun, fast and furious, of course above all else don't get tagged. Today, tag is played everywhere school playgrounds, church gatherings, family functions or around the neighborhood. Anytime a group of kids get together, you're bound to hear those famous three little words, “let's play tag” and the game is on. If I'm correct in my assumption, I don't believe there are many rules to this game, if any. This is the best game of all time.

  • 2


    This game is like Baseball

    Kickball has many of the same things you'll find in Baseball, like four bases (1st, 2nd, 3rd and home base), a ball-roller (the pitcher), baseman and an outfielder or two. I loved this game mostly because a lot of family members could play it, including the non-athletic types like my mom, aunts, grandma and grandpa. I'll never forget the time I saw grandma run for the first time. It was always a good time when we gathered as a family and played games. Most of the time though, Kickball was a game relegated to the school yard. Lord how I miss those days.

  • 3

    Red Rover

    In this game everyone wins

    This one was always a school yard favorite of mine (the only thing was, I was always at one end and never in the center). I love hearing those kid's voices yelling, “red rover, red rover let Jamie come over.” The main reason I loved this game so much was because, in the end, everyone wins. No matter what side you start on, you will end up on the winning side.

  • 4

    Red Light Green Light

    This game tested my ability to listen and stop on a dime

    This game is a blast and even more fun the more kids that played. I don't seem to remember ever making it to the light, because if you moved or talked you got sent back to the starting line. I think my problem was mostly talking (go figure). Now days I watch my children and grand children play this game and I'm glad they continue to play the games that kept my generation entertained for years.

  • 5

    Dodge Ball

    Every man for himself

    I can remember when we played Dodge Ball, we would still be playing today if it hadn't been for the bell, that was sometimes the life saver. I don't think I ever got tired or took a break for that matter. Dodge Ball reminded me so much of those old Roman cage matches, where every man had to fight to the finish, and only one man remains standing. I loved Dodge Ball but it wasn't my favorite of all time.