I found something the other day that said it was National Kissing Day, seems there is a day for everything now. Anyway I got to thinking about my first kiss and what it was like and how much detail I remember. I think a first kiss is something we all remember in great detail, where you were, what you were wearing, what cologne the guy had on, etc. So I asked a few co-workers to remember their first kisses and here’s what I found out.

*Names have been omitted to protect the innocent.

Subject 1:

This person was playing a game of spin the bottle when he had to “french kiss” a particular girl. He thought “french kiss” meant you had to stick your tongue down the girls throat. Apparently there was no finesse at all. They kissed for about 30 minutes and the next day the little thingy under his tongue hurt. The poor girl probably never wanted to be “french kissed” again. Hopefully, he’s perfected his technique since then.

Subject 2:

This person also was playing a game of spin the bottle. He was in junior high and was supposed to be going to a basketball game. He ended up playing this game with a bunch of kids from his grade and the girl he kissed realllllly liked him and she showed him. He says all he could think of was “the entire grade is staring at us”. He ended up dating that girl a couple of years later and they still remain friends.

Subject 3:

This co-worker started early, at the age of 5 he says he was trading M&M’s for kisses. However, his first real kiss was at the age of 10-11. Apparently this girl liked him but didn’t tell him in so many words. She did tell him some sob story about her liking a guy that didn’t like her back and so he felt sorry for her and started kissing her, using tongues, and he thought it was just great. Then he found out the guy she said didn’t like her was actually him. He says girls are manipulative even at a young age. (Nope, we just know how to get what we want!)

Subject 4:

This was a female co-worker who says she was in about the 7th grade. She would ride her bike to the park and meet up with friends. It seems, back in the day, Sears Park here in Abilene, had something called the “rocket” on the playground. You would go into this rocket and no one could see you; that’s were the kids made out. So if you are 40ish and from the Sears Park area I’m sure you too remember the “rocket” and have your own memories of this make-out spot.

Subject 5:

Well, this is me. I was 16 or 17 at the time. Yes, I know I was OLD for a first kiss. Anyway, this guy I had been “going with” for about a week came to my house for a bit one evening. When he went to leave we were on the porch and he grabbed me and kissed me. I was in shock first of all, then he stuck his tongue in my mouth and I nearly freaked out. Right about that time I notice my brother standing at the front window looking out, he runs off yelling,”he’s kissing her, he’s kissing her”. I was quite embarrassed. That relationship only lasted maybe one more week. Can’t imagine why. However, we are still friends to this day.

The point of all of this is that we all remember with fondness our first kiss. It’s a major event in our lives and even if it was fumbled and embarrassing at the time you look back now and laugh.  It’s something you’ll always remember.

What memories do you have of your first kiss?