Well, here's a story that sounds a little backwards. A trucker in Illinois took the law into his own hands recently when a police officer passed him on the highway at a high rate of speed while talking on his cell phone. The trucker pulls the cop over, then hits record. What happens next is definitely something you don't see too often.

Brian Miner, who recorded the video and uploaded it to his YouTube account, saw a police officer speeding down the highway with no emergency lights on and talking on a cell phone. As the officer passes him, the trucker begins to honk at the officer for him to pull over. The officer pulls over and that is when the recording starts.

At first, the officer is going to write the trucker a ticket for unlawful use of a horn, but appears to change his mind after realizing he is being recorded. In fact, the officer is very apologetic.

"I honestly wasn’t paying attention to my speed, and you were just trying to help me out. You were trying to help me drive safe”

The officer eventually lets the trucker go without any violations after saying "We all have to look out for each other out here".

What are your thoughts on this?