Jerry Hoak has a simple dream, he wants to be a turkey farmer, he’s got cows, a llama and a dog but he does not have a turkey. Hoak has done everything he could to get ready to be a turkey farmer, except getting his turkeys. There are lots of wild turkeys on his land but none have made into his turkey corral, the main reason is, he and his family are not fast enough to catch the wild birds.


This is a serious video, or so I thought, it suckered me right into it’s ruse, yep, I fell for it hook line and sinker. Right up until the very last when they start talking about the “two hour turkey” I thought it was real, then I remembered it was an ad campaign for an old supermarket that used to be in Abilene years ago. Enjoy the video, it pulls you right into thinking your watching a short video documentary about some poor farmer. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you catch some turkey this week.