Okay, as an avid deer hunter I know that all the deer I've ever watched in the wild eat a wide variety of foods, including acorns, corn, clover, apples and wood branches. However watching a vegetarian whitetail deer eat an injured bird had me scratching my head.

Some whitetails—at least this young buck likes to eat meat. I never thought that a whitetail deer would ever be captured on video hunting down a small bird then chowing down on it. It makes one think, are we missing something here? Are there things we never learned about the whitetail or is it getting close to the end times, you know where man become a man eater and the vegans devour the flesh? Nonetheless, to me, it's just weird and yet spooky. Listen as the woman doing the videoing is appalled as well but her husband Michael, is unfazed as he chuckles in the background.

It must be a baby bird because the other two birds are dive-bombing the young buck trying to divert it's attention away from the injured bird on the ground.

One cautionary note, beware soon, very very soon, whitetail deer will make a move to climb up higher on the ole food chain, to become carnivorous hunting meat eaters. If you have any cattle come up missing from your herds I suspect whitetail deer could be at work. Think about it, could you live on acorns alone?