Last night (June 17th) the Abilene area was hit with a severe storm that caused a lot of damage and people to lose power. This morning, Facebook was flooded with pictures and videos of the aftermath, including a video shot by the Abilene Disc Golf Association, that showed the fast moving currents at Cedar Creek, which runs through Will Hair Park.

The video was taken at the basket of hole 9 at Will Hair Disc Golf Course, and shows how fast Cedar Creek was flowing this morning after the storms. I can't even imagine how high the creek was last night. According to the Abilene Disc Golf Association Facebook page, there was quite a bit of damage at the course, including a bridge that was completely wiped out.

Check out the video of the flooding at Cedar Creek

The ADGA have been working hard for the big Wild Hair tournament coming up this weekend, so, I'm sure this is a pretty big setback for them. No word if that tournament will be postponed, however.

This is just one of many reports of damage and flooding throughout the Big Country - some more severe than others. We needed the rain for sure, but lots of people are paying a pretty good price for it.

Did you receive a lot of damage and/or flooding? How did the storms affect you?