The KEAN 105 engineer was asked to make room for more computers and other stuff that needed to be stored, so he cleaned out the closet adjacent to the KEAN studio and presto there are boxes of vintage KEAN clothing, tons of it.


Every piece of clothing I looked at brought back old memories and reminded me of how we have always taken pride in the image we portray. I thought, maybe we could reuse some of the old shirts and jackets, but it all looks very dated. So before I get rid of it all, I offered it the staff, some have taken me up on it, the ladies on staff were asking about the ‘KEAN Dream’ clothing and who could ever get into a size “zero” jeans? My wife came up with a great idea, take all the station logos off and make a KEAN 105 quilt. I guess I’m taking up a new hobby now.