Over the weekend, I went to visit my mom who lives in Grand Prairie. While I was there, she showed me this footage of an 18-wheeler that crashed off of the new 161 highway, which is less than a mile from where she lives. Watch this chilling video of the truck literally flying off of the highway and bursting into flames.

The video, taken from a highway surveillance camera, shows traffic is flowing normally on highway 161, also known as the Bush Turnpike. All of a sudden, an 18-wheeler takes flight off of the highway, lands on both the north and south bound lanes and bursts into flames.

Unfortunately, the driver of the truck was killed.

As busy as that highway is, it's a miracle that the truck doesn't hit another vehicle. In fact, you'll see a car was directly under the truck as it was airborne.

Watch the chilling footage of the truck crash

You can see some close-up pictures of after the crash here.