This weeks viral video's deal with the elderly.They are generally viewed as wise people, with lots of life experience. Except when it comes to computers. As Bruce says in one of the video clips, "you do more by mistake than most people do on purpose" while they unknowingly record themselves on their webcam.

This video has gone so viral that this couple actually appeared on national news programs. The video was actually posted to YouTube by their granddaughter, who had been trying to teach them how to use a webcam. When the couple tries to do it on their own they can't seem to get it take a "still shot" but the webcam is rolling recording and documenting the couple. The gentleman Bruce actually gets a little flirty with his bride at one point.

Rita and Frank are trying to take a picture using their computer but they can't seem to get the photo to take. However, the webcam is rolling and recording. Rita keeps asking Frank "did you hear a click"; Franks reponse "NO!"
This birthday greeting may show up a little late but they are trying their darnedest!

This video doesn't have to do with a computer but it's cute as heck. This little couple Fran & Marlo who are in their 90's find a piano in the lobby of the Mayo clinic and have an impromptu concert. The crowd loves it and so will you. I dare you not to smile!