Mother's Day is upon us once again and that means putting the thinking cap on and getting mom something nice to let her know how much you appreciate her. There are a few gifts that are on the 'no,no' list when it comes to Mother's Day though. While you may think they are thoughtful and practical Mom will not see them as such. To help you out here are a few things to “not” get mom this Mother's Day.

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    Gym Membership

    Although your intentions are well meant getting mom a gym membership is probably not going to be the most well received gift of the year. You might think that giving mom the special gift of getting herself in shape and getting healthy so she can be around for many more years would be a great thing. Mom however, is going to think that you think she is “fat” and needs to work out. Not a good idea. You will only make your mom more image conscience.

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    Kitchen Appliances

    Mom may love to cook but giving her a blender for Mother's Day does not really say “mom you're special”. Whether it's a blender, mixer, cooking pans, toaster or any other small kitchen appliance it just says “work”. Mom doesn't want to be in the kitchen making you milkshakes or cookies no matter how much she insists she loves to do that for you. It's something she does because she's “mom”. So don't go this route.
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    Cheap Jewelry

    Now if you're going to get mom jewelry then get the woman the good stuff don't skimp. Get real gold, silver, gems or diamonds! You don't want the ring or necklace you give mom to turn her green the week after you give it to her. It doesn't have to be the most expensive but make sure it's quality. Jewelry is a gift you give that will last forever and sometimes even be passed down to another generation. Don't give mom cheap jewelry.
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    Exercise Equipment

    Almost all of us have bought exercise equipment that is used for a week and then becomes clutter or a new place to hang clothes. Mom does not need either of these things in her life plus it's not a good thing to suggest that she needs to exercise. She may rightly need to do just that but on Mother's Day I wouldn't suggest that you let her know this. This is similar to the gym membership, it has good intentions but mom won't be happy. Exercise equipment says: “you need to get up off your lazy booty, get in shape and lose some weight.” This is not a good gift for a mom you want to make smile for a day. in time
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    Vacuum Cleaner

    Getting mom a vacuum cleaner is just not right at all. Why would mom want or deserve a vacuum cleaner; albeit a Dyson would be pretty sweet. I've recently seen TV commercials and they are offering Mother's Day “special discounts” on vacuum cleaners. Two years ago I asked for one for Christmas…there was no discount being offered at that time. Why not? Why do they only offer discounts for Mother's Day? You can always buy mom one of these any other day of the year but do not buy this for her Mother's Day gift.

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