It’s summer, and the concert circuit has kicked into high gear. It seems like everybody and their brother is on tour, and I love it. It seems like there’s at least one great concert within driving distance to choose from every night. Summer concerts make me think of the best shows I’ve ever seen. It also makes me think of the hours spent waiting in line to get into a venue to buy tickets and see these concerts.

Let’s face it, waiting in line for hours to get into a great concert is a labor of love. I think it’s something that people will only take the time and energy to do it for their absolute favorite bands or the absolute best concerts.

I’m not sure who I would stand in line all day to see. I love all kinds of music. Maybe I’d wait in line to see a legend like Tom Petty or George Strait, or a great rock show with a ton of energy, like Metallica. Perhaps I’d stand in line for a great entertainer like Elton John Brad Paisley.

What about you? What concert would you wait in line all day to see?