As I'm reading news stories online I found one, in particular, that really just floored me. A student at a Colorado elementary school shaved her head to show support for a friend going through cancer. When showing up to school with her freshly shaved head, she was told she would not be allowed back without a wig or until her hair grew back. What?

Apparently, the school has a policy of 'no shaved heads', no exceptions. I really can't believe this. The girl is 9 years old her friend battling cancer is 11. Sometimes, rules should be broken, and there's always 'exceptions' to every rule.

I think we are getting to a point where schools, agencies, government are all over reaching with their 'rules'. Yes, you need guidelines but come on, what happened to common sense? I've never seen so many freedoms being stripped from people.

This little girl was standing strong beside a friend going through something no child should ever have to face. The adults at the school and school board need to grow up and learn a few things from these kids. Granted the school eventually changed their minds, but there shouldn't have even been any question in the first place. I might be a little biased on this subject but I think it's simple common sense.

Here is the story of Kamryn & Delany as reported by ABC's WFAA-News 8 via Associated Press.