A 13-year-old boy named Cody Alicea rode his bicycle with an American flag on the back of it. Until School officials said no more American flag. Bikers to the rescue.


Middle school student Cody Alicea says he does it to be patriotic and to honor veterans, like his own grandpa, Roger. He's had the flag on his bike for over two months but on Monday, Cody was told to take it down. Cody says, "I should be able to wave my flag. And school officials are telling me I can't." the boy had to remove the flag from his bicycle and store it in his backpack, and he is not to display it anywhere school grounds. Cody's grandfather said the school was concerned about racial tensions or uprisings because of the flag. He said if there was a real problem it should have been brought up when Cody first flew the flag, and not prior to Veterans week. And if it was a safety issue, his parents should have been contacted. "We don't want to start any trouble and we do not want any repercussion," said Roger Alicea. "We just want Cody to be proud of what he's doing, and be able to fly his American Flag." Cody says he wants to serve in the military some day, and is raising money for a trip to Washington, D.C. in the spring. In steps a group of bikers known as the American Legion Motorcycle Club, made up primarily of veterans. Hundreds of Bikers and locals showed up to escort Cody to school, and every one involved was waving the American flag. Denair's School Superintendent, school board members and school officials have all reconsidered their decision and are going to allow Cody Alicea to fly his American flagon his bike. By the way, the small town of Denair is in central California. That explains it all.