It seems like music competition reality shows are springing up with increasing frequency. There’s this awesome, brand-new “must watch” show called ‘The Vibe,’ where the judges critique talent while encased in sensory deprivation chambers. They can’t see. They can’t hear. They don’t know what the heck is going on with the singers who are auditioning. Country singer Chuck Wicks even turns up for a stint as a guest judge, complete with his own headphones, sunglasses and soundproof, coffin-like chamber that is akin to being trapped in a black void for four hours.

OK, so it’s not a real show. It’s a College Humor-devised parody of Blake Shelton and Co.’s popular show ‘The Voice.’

’90s alt-rock singer Lisa Loeb also appears as a ‘The Vibe’ judge in the video seen below, offering up nonsensical commentary on singers that haven’t even uttered a note yet.

Wicks appears midway through the spot as a guest judge. While he is in his chamber, the contestant o stage emotionally explains that Wicks is a true inspiration to him. The camera cuts to a frustrated Wicks, blinded by massive black goggles that look like something out of ‘The Fly,’ while he is saying, “I can’t see or hear anything.” He misses the touching tribute from the ‘The Vibe’ wannabe.

During Wicks’ interview segment, he calls his time as a ‘The Vibe’ judge as “the most horrifying experience of my life.”

Watch Chuck Wicks on ‘The Vibe’