Do Ninjas really exist? After watching a couple old karate movies with my grand-kids, I had my 4 year old grandson asking "Papa how come I never see ninjas anywhere, are ninjas real?"

So I decided to look it up before I gave him one of my mind boggling, keep him in suspense, wide eyed, mouth gaping open, walking up hill in the snow answers. Low and behold I think this guy looks like our neighbor, David the old Fried Rice Express owner then I told my 4 year old captive audience, that is why David closed his restaurant to become a real live Ninja warrior!
After much thought and contemplation, of which I was unaware that a 4 year old cold pull off such a task, he reveals to me that it was a nice story but that I had better do my homework, because the guy that used to sell us our fried rice was from Thailand and not from Japan where most Ninja's reside. Now if he knows what country ninjas come from why did this kid, of my blood lineage even bother to ask me such a question, other than to set me up. I feel stupid now.