Contrary to popular belief, there ARE plenty of things to do in Abilene, especially if you're out to make an impression on that first date. I'll be your "tour guide" for this blog as I list the 5 best places in Abilene for a first date. So, you're about to venture out on that first date. Whether this is your very first date ever, or if this is yet another attempt to lure in the opposite sex for a meaningful relationship, one thing is for sure - there are many places in Abilene to make a lasting impression.

A week ago, I was playing disc golf with a few buddies. Now, usually the conversations that take place on the course are not real mind stimulating and, in fact, some I probably shouldn't repeat to anyone else. In any case, our conversations are far from relationship type stuff, but this one friend of mine was complaining that the whole dating scene was lost because there was nothing to do in Abilene.

Really, man?

My thinking is this: Even if there is nothing to do, which is not the case here in Abilene, it's the thoughtfulness in planning the date and making it an experience that could get you a second date. It's all about how much you put into it. Follow me?

So, we start talking about places in Abilene to take a first date, ya know, trying to help this dude out. We actually came up with a pretty decent list (aside from the normal "man humor"). So, out of their suggestions, as well as my own, I compiled a list to reflect what I think are the 5 best places in Abilene to take a first date.

These are in no particular order:

1. Abilene Zoo:

I know your thinking, "Why in the heck would I take a date to a zoo?". Well, think about it. First, it is an inexpensive way to have some quality time with the person your out with. After all, you want to get to know the person you're out with and what better way than to walk around looking at funny animals and having sort of a peaceful and meaningful conversation without any distractions. Plus, if the other person is an animal lover, you just scored some brownie points! Save your money, take your date to the zoo and have more money left over to take them to a nice restaurant later. Want more info on the Abilene Zoo, check out their website HERE.

2. Prime Time Family Entertainment Center:

Yes, I am very aware that Prime Time mostly caters to kids - but kids of ALL ages! You can go bowling, play video games, play miniature golf, ride go karts, or any number of things. It's OK to "be a kid" and have fun with your date. It shows that you are a fun person to be around and that you're a kid at heart. I mean, It's OK to be serious, but you have to have fun on your date right? Nobody wants to be bored stiff on a date, so take them to Prime Time and have a little fun. Want more info on Prime Time, check out their website HERE.

3. Perini Ranch Steakhouse:

Just south of Abilene (about 15 miles) sits Buffalo Gap. First of all, Buffalo Gap has a lot of history there to begin with. They also have Perini Ranch Steakhouse, one of the best places to eat, period! This place is awesome and would definitely be a great place to take a first date. It is a working ranch, no doubt, but if you want your date to experience the rich history of Buffalo Gap and have some of the best food they will ever eat, go to Perini Ranch Steakhouse. Lodging is also available there as well, so if you get serious, you can go back and experience that "first date" again and actually stay there. Want more info on Perini's, check out their website HERE.

4. Town And Country Drive In Theatre:

Taking your date to a movie may be cliche', but it still works, however, having a drive in theatre to go to is even better. Some girls (like my wife) may think this is a bad idea to take a first date to, but I beg to differ. I think it is a great idea because you have little distractions (other than the occasional honking of the horn for whatever reason) to deal with. Concessions are offered and you can enjoy the movie in the comfort of your own vehicle with your own sound system. It's a chance to really get to know the other person and be comfortable at the same time. For more info on Town and Country Drive In Theatre, check out their website HERE.

5. The Paramount Theatre:

Fully restored and renovated in 1986, The Paramount Theatre gives everyone a glimpse of the past with it's majestic and historical structure. It's a cool place for all types of events including concerts, movie showings, community art showings and many more events. Once again, here is your chance to get some brownie points for showing your artistic and historical side. Plus, it's just really cool to catch a flick there with someone you like. Check out more on The Paramount Theatre HERE.

Of course, those are just my list of the 5 best places to go on a first date. Honorable mentions, to me, are Abuelo's, The Grace Museum, Coppers Creek, Lytle Land and Cattle and Lake Fort Phantom.

So don't fall into that trap thinking there is nothing in Abilene to do. Check out the places I mentioned if you have not already, and discover that we do have lots of things to choose from when it comes to going out on that first date.

If you have other suggestions, or you just want to give us your "Best 5 Places", then leave your comments down below.