Temperatures are on the rise and I know you are looking for ways to stay cool and survive this summer heat. I have a few ways here to keep cool, on a budget, this summer.

  • Water Balloon Fight

    Get a gigantic container of water balloons! They even have them now with the water spout attached. I remember having to fill ours up in the bathroom sink. Of course, they would bust before we even got outside. We had more water in the bathroom than during the balloon fight it's self. It's something like $5 for a huge container of balloons and an afternoon of cool fun with the kids. Just remember it's all fun and games til someone puts an eye out!

    Joshua Lott/Getty Images News
  • Slip N' Slide

    Back in my day we had what was called a Wet Banana now it's just a Slip N' Slide, but the concept is the same. You roll out a plastic strip of material, set the water hose next to it and then run and slide. It provided hours of fun for my brother and myself, but it played heck on my parents green lawn. You can get one for around $30 and some come with a little water pond at the end so you don't eat the grass. Or if you're really on a budget pull out some trash bags, stake them to the ground and add water, same concept but much cheaper.

  • Sprinkler

    Ahh, the sprinkler. I love the sprinkler. I still do this today. I'll set my lawn chair in the back yard and put the sprinkler just a few feet away. Keeps you cool and wet. Seriously, what kid, or grown up for that matter, doesn't like running through the sprinkler?

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  • Kiddie Pool

    The kiddie pool is very small, it is for babies, but it's just the right size for adult feet. Set your kiddie pool near the porch, deck, etc. fill with cool water and place feet in said pool. Keeps you nice and cool and if you really dare, go ahead and sit in it, no one's gonna judge.

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  • Find a Friend with a Pool

    This is my favorite. The backyard pool. It's like owning a boat, they are expensive to keep up so it's best to just find a friend with one rather than have one yourself. You don't have to mess with the year-round up keep but you get to enjoy the benefits of the summer fun. Just make sure you take a gift when you borrow a pool; maybe some snacks, offer to have them over to your house for a cook-out, maybe babysit for an afternoon. Just don't take advantage or you won't have a pool to go to next summer.

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