Keith Urban is a solo artist: in fact, since 1991, he's recorded eleven studio albums as a solo artist.

But that doesn't mean that Urban doesn't like working with other musicians. In fact, quite the opposite. Urban frequently teams up with other artists or vocalists, bringing them in on song after song, album after album. The result is a bevy of Urban hits that feature collaborations with some of the biggest names in (not always) country music.

We put together a list of our favorite Keith Urban collaborations, so read on to learn about our five Urban songs that feature somebody else.

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    "Sun Don't Let Me Down"

    Feat. Pitbull

    It’s a match made in some weird, wonderful heaven: Keith Urban and … Pitbull? We know it’s true because Pitbull announces it, as he always does, right at the top: “Keith Urban! Mister Worldwide.” Along with funk legend Nile Rodgers, the unlikely team of Pitbull and Urban actually fuse their sounds much more easily than you might expect. Less surprising is that the result, “Sun Don’t Let Me Down,” is an outrageously fun dance song.

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    "The Fighter"

    Feat. Carrie Underwood

    Busbee, Urban’s co-writer on “The Fighter,” filled in the female vocals on the song until Underwood came along. Busbee was a “placeholder,” Urban tells The Boot, “until I beautifully heard Carrie’s voice on it finally one day.” Underwood’s voice fits perfectly into the dance-pop song, as she and Urban trade lines in the chorus: “What if I fall?” she asks. “I won’t let you fall,” he replies. The easy give-and-take between the two helped them earn the ACM Award for Vocal Event of the Year.

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    "Raise 'Em Up"

    Feat. Eric Church

    Urban and Church earned a Grammy nomination for their 2013 collaboration, “Raise ‘Em Up.” The song, about raising everything from lighters to voices to children, wouldn’t be what it was without Church -- just ask Urban. "It’s such a cinematic song as well, and I’ve always considered Eric to be a very cinematic artist,” Urban says (quote via KTIC Radio), "and I sent him the song, and he was in the studio immediately. I’m so glad he wanted to be a part of it because it took the song to a new place."

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    "Drop Top"

    Feat. Kassi Ashton

    Urban has a history of teaming up with other mega-stars on his songs. But 2018’s “Drop Top” is a little different: the song features Ashton, a much lesser known singer than Urban’s typical co-collaborators. When he was looking for a female vocalist, Urban tells Taste of Country, “I said, ‘Whoever the girl is, she’s gotta have the right voice, she’s gotta have the right attitude, she’s gotta have swagger. Legit, not faux swagger. The real deal.” That real deal ended up being Ashton, and her powerful, bombastic voice makes her one of Urban’s most exciting collaborators, period.

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    "We Were Us"

    Feat. Miranda Lambert

    Lambert is the featured artist on Urban’s 2013 “We Were Us,” but listening to it, the song belongs just as much to Lambert as it does to Urban. She delivers the first verse, and goes head to head with Urban in each chorus. Halfway through, all the instruments drop, and we hear nothing but Urban and Lambert’s blended voices singing, “Back when that song was a song I could sing along / Without thinking about you every time it came on.” If it wasn’t clear before then, that moment makes it clear what a powerful duo the two make.