The first thing that came to mind when I found out that Kenny Rogers was going to be a 2013 inductee into the Country Music Hall of Fame was, "He's not already in?". Like a lot of people, I thought this order of business was taken care of years ago. But Rogers doesn't seem to mind the delay, and the legendary singer teared up while talking to reporters at a recent press conference.

The singer was announced as one of the 2013 inductees at a ceremony in Nashville last week, and Rogers got emotional - to the point that he teared up - while talking to reporters afterward, saying how blessed he is to get to share the experience with his 8-year-old twin boys.

"They give me a purpose in my life. The greatest gift about this honor is that it happened in my lifetime so I could share it with my boys."

I wasn't the only one who was mistaken by the fact that he wasn't inducted into the Hall previously. Kenny tells us:

"I have two older sons who thought I was already in the Hall of Fame," he said. "I didn't have the heart to tell them any different."

There's good reason for thinking that. Rogers' has had 120 singles on the charts, sold over 130 million albums, and possesses a catalog of hits that includes all-time classics like 'The Gambler,' 'Lucille,' 'Love Will Turn You Around' and 'Lady'. He also starred in several movies, including 'The Gambler' series, 'Six Pack' and 'The Coward of The County'.

Rogers isn't upset that he's been passed up for the Country Music Hall of Fame until now. In fact, he's actually glad the honor is coming so late in his career, instead of at his commercial peak.

"I had so much going on back then, and now it has more personal significance than professional significance. There's a huge distinction between the two. It's not the end of my journey, but it is certainly the high point, no matter what else I accomplish."

Kenny plans to bring his kids with him to the induction ceremony, and he's also planning to invite Dolly Parton, a longtime friend and his duet partner on 'Islands in the Stream,' which became a defining song for both of the country music legends.

Rogers' official induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame will come later this year. He'll be honored alongside Bobby Bare and Cowboy Jack Clement at an invitation-only Medallion Ceremony.

Now I have 'The Gambler' stuck in my head. In case the same happened to you, here's the official video. Enjoy!